Website redesign for a local Dog Cookie brand

At Ironhack, I was given the challenge to redesign a local e-commerce website focusing on Usability, with a team of three other members (Lotte, Joao, and Nastya) and deliver an interactive Mid-Fi prototype. We chose to collaborate with

CLIENT is a young dog food company that was established in the Netherlands in 2021. The company is a family-owned business based in The Hague. As they recently started the online business they are struggling with increasing their sale online, and after our research, we noticed they could improve their website. …

A feature added to a Grocery Lists Sharing App

Another story from my journey at Ironhack!


This time I was given a solo challenge to:

Analyse an already existing mobile app (android / iOS)and incorporate a new feature into the existing product.

I had two weeks time to complete this task and for the first time on my own, which was both challenging and exciting.

An app that facilitates your next museum visit!

In today’s world, our lives are overwhelmed with work and progression. To release this stress we need to have leisure time well spent with each other. Visiting cultural sites is a good way of doing that. So this time we have worked over this wicked problem;

“How Might We help museums bring people closer and full fill their mission to preserve and activate cultural heritage in the 21st century?”

I was given this challenge at Ironhack with a team of 3 others; Gabriel, Lotte, and Farah. …


This challenge is about conducting usability evaluation using a scenario where a world traveler has to plan his trip using a travel app. For this, I would be reviewing several travel apps, pick one that serves better, evaluate its usability and redesign the pain points that users have to face.

User Type

I have chosen the user type of a young couple (20–40 years old). The couple has a busy work life, they take out time to have a break and enjoy themselves and nature once a year. They like to plan and make arrangements for their trip a year…


For this challenge, I have chosen a bank application to work on. It is ABN AMRO’s app that I frequently use. This app has made my banking simpler and way quicker. I really like the User Interface of this app as it is very intuitive and goes well with the saying “No design is the best design”. Yet it follows the theme of the ABN AMRO brand. I have not been a tech-friendly person but to my surprise, I never have to take guidance using this app.

In this challenge, I am asked to wireframe the user flow of a…

Citymapper; a travel app declared the best in New York City

Design Thinking Process

Citymapper claims of making cities usable. It is a public transit app and mapping service which displays transport options, usually with live timing, between any two locations in a supported city. It provides information about all possible urban modes of transport, including walking, cycling, and driving, in addition to public transport. Citymapper started in 2011 in London. Its second city was New York. In August 2020 travel in 58 cities and metropolitan areas was covered. …

Hajrah Mushtaq

I am a Multimedia Designer, with a creative and analytical mind. Human psychology also interests me. I am learning to create User Centric Designs these days.

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